Aged Care: Signs That It's Time to Get Aged Care Services for Your Loved One


For many older adults, staying at home is the best option as it gives them a sense of freedom and independence. But as your loved one gets older, you might have concerns over their safety. Though you might opt to put up preventative measures, they can be overly restrictive. The best solution is to get them elderly care services by hiring an in-home care provider or enrolling them in an aged care facility. Here are some signs that your loved one needs professional aged care.

1. Physical Signs

One of the obvious signs that your loved one needs professional assistance is if they frequently fall. Consistent falls mainly arise from muscle weakness or reduced balance. Moreover, your loved one might need additional help if they are having trouble moving around, including climbing stairs and walking on steep driveways. 

Constant hospital visits are also a sign of physical weakness. Keep in mind that people become more susceptible to illnesses as they grow older. So, if your elderly parent is in and out of hospital too often, it might be time to look for a suitable aged care service. 

2. Emotional Signs

If your loved one stays at home all alone, they will likely get lonely. Feelings of loneliness and isolation can have adverse effects on both the mind and body. For instance, the person can start experiencing anxiety or developing eating disorders. It can also lead to social withdrawal and exacerbate the sense of isolation. 

Depression is yet another adverse mental illness many older people develop as their minds age. Moreover, they may experience personality changes. A once happy and joyful relative can become quiet and reserved. So, taking them to an aged care boarding facility will help them interact with other people, protecting them from these emotional challenges.

3. Mental Signs

It is normal for people to forget things. For instance, you can forget where you placed your car keys or pen. However, you should get concerned when your elderly relative becomes increasingly forgetful of more important things. Memory loss is different from forgetfulness, as it involves the loss of certain faces, facts, or names. Memory loss is dangerous, and if your relative is experiencing this, it is best to take them to aged care specialists to remedy the situation. 

If your loved one starts showing any of the signs listed above, do not ignore it. Professional in-house care or a senior care facility can help them get over most of the challenges that come with old age. 


25 March 2021

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