Retirement Living Options: A Guide On Assisted Living


Senior adults have a wide range of retirement living options. They include independent living, retirement communities, nursing homes or respite care facilities. Assisted living is ideal for seniors who require help with their daily tasks due to aging, disability or chronic illnesses. Below is a guide on assisted living and the considerations to make when choosing an assisted living facility. 

How Does Assisted Living Work? 

Assisted living allows some form of independent living. Residents could either live in their own homes or in an apartment where they share the living area and kitchen. At the facility, staff will help you conduct household chores such as cleaning, laundry, and cooking. They will also do your shopping if you are incapacitated. Residents are encouraged to socialise at the facility. For instance, they could have weekly meetings where they can meet and receive counselling services. 

Choosing An Assisted Living Facility

Consider the following when choosing an assisted living facility:

1. Location

Location is a critical factor since you may need to move with personal and household items. Most seniors will want continued contact with their children and close family members. Those that require special medical attention such as post-surgery care and physiotherapy will need a facility located close to major hospitals.

2. Services

Check the facility's brochure or their website to know what services they provide. Other than basic household chores, some facilities will have medical staff to examine the health of residents. Some facilities will also offer exercise classes and transport for seniors that need to visit the hospital or their relatives. The complex could also have restaurants, banks and beauty salons on-site.

3. Facility Policies

Below are tips to help you address the facility policies: 

  1. The facility should have highly trained staff. However, you should check their policy on employees who mishandle or mistreat residents.
  2. The facility may allow guests on the premises. If they are, check the visitation times.
  3. Some facilities will specialise with specific groups. For instance, they could deal with a particular age group, religion, profession or sexual orientation.
  4. Check activities restricted on the premises. For example, seniors could be prohibited from holding parties or keeping pets. 


Most facilities will allow you to purchase, lease or rent an apartment. As such, it would be worthwhile to check their pricing policy since your insurance cover may not pay for your stay at the facility. Visit the facility and assess the available amenities and the size of the apartments. It will help you determine whether you will get value for your money. 

When choosing a retirement living facility, check its location, available services, facility policies and costs. 


23 October 2020

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