Retirement Living Options


Your golden years are an opportunity for you to relax, spend time with family and pursue your interests. One of your concerns when planning your retirement is your accommodation. This extract details some of the common retirement living options. 

Retirement Villages

They are an instant choice for most people since they offer high-quality lifestyles to their residents. When moving into a retirement village, conduct your due diligence to establish the following: 

  • Does the village have an admission criterion? Some villages will accommodate everyone, while others will evaluate your religion, profession, or age.
  • What are the facility's reviews? It will give you an idea about the quality of services residents receive at the village.
  • What are your rights after buying property in the village? For example, can you change property ownership, renovate the house or lease it out?
  • Besides the moving costs, ask the management to send a list of other costs you will incur while living in the village. 

Ageing In Place

This is ideal for seniors who do not intend to move out of their homes. In this case, you should inspect your home to determine how to make it comfortable during your retirement years. For example, you could add recreational space such as a gazebo or swimming pool. If you have been diagnosed with an illness that affects your mobility, consider installing ramps to ensure easy access. 

Assisted Living 

Assisted living facilities afford seniors the comfort of living independently while receiving housekeeping and medical care. For instance, the caregivers at the facility will offer housekeeping services while monitoring your health. Since you will be in the hands of these caregivers for many hours, conduct some background research to ensure they are experienced and passionate about their jobs. Visit the facility and interview a few seniors to determine if they are comfortable at the facility. Besides, examine the living quarters to establish if you can enjoy your privacy. 

Nursing Homes 

If your health deteriorates, your best option would be to live in a nursing home. These facilities will offer 24/7 nursing services to help alleviate your condition. At the nursing home, you will find specialised doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and caregivers. If you have a rare condition, talk with the nursing home's management to establish if they can liaise with your doctors. Besides, check the discharge procedure. For example, if your family intends to move you to another facility, what type of authorisation would they need? Finally, ensure you can afford the costs. 


5 November 2021

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