Retirement Living Options: A Guide on Nursing Homes


Nursing homes are a retirement living option for seniors. They have options that help seniors who require constant medical attention. They could be suffering from chronic illnesses such as COPD, cancer, diabetes, or heart diseases. Read this guide for a comprehensive guide on how to choose a nursing home. 


Location is a vital concern for seniors that wish to keep in touch with their friends and family. More often than not, these people will want a nursing facility located close to their homes. You also need to think about accessibility. Typically, the home should be close to major highways. Besides, it must have sufficient parking and security.


As a rule, the nursing home should specialise in the treatment and management of your illness. It would be unreasonable to choose a facility that does not have experienced medical staff to help manage your condition. For example, if you suffer from COPD or arthritis, you will want to know whether the nursing home has physiotherapists and exercise equipment. If you have dementia, you need a facility that offers memory-based care. Remember to check the reputation of the facility. 


The nursing home should be customised to address the needs of seniors. For instance, it should have a large area where you can take a walk. The floors should have sufficient grip to prevent slips and falls. The facility should have rails and ramps to support seniors with mobility problems. Examine the quality of life of seniors living at the facility. For example, does the nursing home have cable television and Wi-Fi? Do seniors have book clubs and recreational clubs such as tennis and chess? 


Critically examine the services provided at the nursing home. You will want to know about the following: 

  1. The level of medical care provided. Some homes will have skilled nurses to provide drugs and conduct regular medical assessments. However, you will visit your GP every once in a while.
  2. The types of meals provided. Remember, poorly cooked meals could affect your health and comfort at the facility.
  3. The available rooms. Seniors that enjoy their independence will want nursing homes that offer single rooms to people that want to live alone.
  4. The additional services such as trips to the park or local tourist destinations to ensure residents interact with the outside world. 

Remember to check the terms of the contract. Other than the payments, examine whether friends and family can visit you at the facility. Inquire whether you can leave the nursing home at will. 


5 November 2020

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